ASR OWC 1992 v1.0 Carset Mod Released For Assetto Corsa


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ASR Formula have released their ASR OWC 1992 v1.0 mod for Assetto Corsa. The mod includes all the cars that participated in the 1991 season, all drivers with custom helmets, all the 3D aero variants and all the livery changes for each event. The Ferrari, Honda, Ford, Renault, Mugen, Yamaha, Judd and Ilmor engines all have different sounds. Their text: V1.0 (27/01/2024) It includes: – All the cars that participated in the 1992 season, including Early and Late Season versions. – All drivers who participated in the season with customised 3D helmets, Shoei, Arai, Bell etc. – All the 3D

While this looks awesome and sounds like an amazing thing to get, it should be mentioned this is not licensed and by far not a free mod. They want you to pay a stunning 59,90€ for it. Yes, if all cars would be sold individually it would be even higher. But still, this is the price of a current AAA game. I'd say this escalated.