Automobilista 2 v1.5.3.2, Formula HiTech GP Cars And New 90s GP Track Pack Released


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Reiza Studios have released their latest big update for Automobilista 2, bringing two new DLCs along with it. The update, among other things, implements active suspension on the relevant cars as previewed in the recent dev update. Note that the Formula HiTech cars are DLC and can be purchased here if you want to experience active suspension. The new track pack can be purchased here. Formula HiTech screenshots: Track pack screenshots: V1.5.0.5-V1.5.3.2 CHANGELOG CONTENT Tracks – Historical Track Pack Pt2 DLC Added Barcelona 1991 added Interlagos 1991 Added Interlagos 1993 Added Montreal 1991 Added Barcelona National layout (Part of Circuit