Automobilista 2 v1.5.5.2 Improves Physics, Tire Modelling, AI, Adds LED Flag Support To Tracks


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Reiza have released an update for Automobilista 2 that includes various physics, AI, content improvements, and also adds flag LED support to more tracks. You should expect to feel changes to the tire modelling for both slicks and wet tires and see AI reacting better to slower moving cars. Changelog: UI & HUD Fixed Automatic Clutch input bind label being inconsistently named in different states PHYSICS Minor slick tread adjustments for LMDh, F-HiTech Gen2, F-V12, GT1, GTE, GT3 (both gens) GT4, G55 Cup, GT5, G40 Cup, StockV8 (all seasons), Super v8, LMDh, Cadillac DPi, P1 (both gens), Group C, F-Reiza,