Automobilista 2 v1.5.6.1 Adds Betonschleife To Nürburgring, Brazilian Stock Car 2024 Roster And Updates Modern GP Car


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Reiza released a new update over the weekend, adding the Brazilian Stock Car 2024 roster and an overhauled F-Ultimate Gen2 (modern Grand Prix car), updated rules for those cars, and visual improvements to water and 3D trees at various circuits. The update also adds the Betonschleife short track to the Nürburgring DLC pack. V1.5.5.6 -> V1.5.6.1 Changelog CONTENT Cars Added Stock Car Pro Series 2024 season Added revamped F-Ultimate Gen2 (new 3D model & updated physics, sounds) Tracks Added Nürburgring 1971 Betonschleife layout (part of Nürburgring DLC) GENERAL Fixed some types of engine component damage not applying additional repair time