Blancpain Series.


I was watching the Blancpain GT series race at Algarve today on CBS Sports network ( thanks to them for showing lots of European racing ) and I noticed that there were VERY few people in the stands there. Is this common? I would think this series would be really popular, it has some great cars, and from the little I've seen, some good close racing. I can't imagine this being normal attendance, or else the series would go bankrupt.
Dont know too much about spectators, but what i know is that there are two catergories of drivers, PRO and AM(amateurs) and AM need to fund their own racing adventures them selfs, of course with some help of sponsors, to my knowledge
Maybe they just want to stay home and watch it on the telly and listen to John Watson!
There were just a few people even at the main straight. Just seemed odd to me. It's a nice series to watch.
I have been to the Blancpain endurance series a couple of time, and not just a race, but the biggest one of them in the 24h of spa. That particular race I find very nice to watch. Around 60 GT3's, on an iconic track where you really can breath the racing-atmosphere!!! Don't know if the other races are as nice, but so far I haven't regretted spending any money on going there (except for the drinks, after I bought some I found out it costs more then 10 euros per liter, now I bring my own :p )

Also: the 24h of spa are well-visited, it is really busy at the track, especially on saturday-afternoon, the hours around the start. Really hard to find a good space on the grandstands then ;)