Charity fundraising for Cancer Research UK (Done something NUTS!)


I donned my race suit again for the first time in 3 years (a forced sabbatical because of finances).

When? 10th July 2016

Where? Sittingbourne Speedway, Iwade, UK

Why? Now here comes the difficult bit!!

Since I stopped racing in 2013 I have lost my mother, my uncle and a friend to this terrible disease called CANCER. I also lost my auntie over 10 years ago. Earlier on this year I thought I would do something positive to raise awareness and some money for Cancer Research UK. If you are fighting cancer, then I am doing this for YOU to!

What am I doing?
Well... I thought I would challenge myself and step onboard a sidecar or two plus a couple of vintage bikes i'd never ridden before!

Now if you have seen these bikes you will probably know that what I am doing is NUTS!!! I chose the annual Ivor Thomas memorial meeting to do this mad feat because Ivor died from cancer to. Doing this in memory of Ivor is a fitting tribute!

Have you touched by Cancer? Maybe a friend or relative is fighting it? Or perhaps you are unfortunately fighting it yourself? As an added bonus, someone filmed my day which I have edited together. Leaving the donations page open for a little while till all videos released.

If you appreciate the challenge I set myself and you want to donate to Cancer Research UK, please follow this link:

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Wow Woodee, i wished my English was better now so i could express what i think of this. In Dutch i could do that but unfortunately i can't seem to translate it the right way. Al i can say in English what a great initiative and i have got respect for you.
What a fiercely story about your mother, uncle and friend. I'm sorry for you loss.

I survived cancer myself, 6 years ago they diagnosed this dreadful disease but fortunately i am one of the lucky ones who survived (knocks on wood)

again big respect Woodee

(fyi only the vids in your first post show up for me, post 2,3 and 4 the links seem to be broken)
Thanks for your kind words peeps... I'd love to get my charity donations over £500 for this year, I am SO close!