Design it, Drive it : Speedboats

Todd Wasson

This isn't rFactor 2, but thought there might be a few around these parts that might find this interesting anyway as a different type of sim. This is my latest project, "Design it, Drive it : Speedboats".

This is a high fidelity simulator that lets you design and drive your own speedboats from around 25-30 parameters. The boats are procedurally generated from the design parameters you specify, so every little tweak affects the handling and top end performance of the boat. The motion is solved using thousands of forces at the per-polygon level directly on the boat mesh. The boats can chine walk and blowover much like real boats. Hundreds of forces are involved in the computation of the force feedback alone.


Available now for Windows PC only. Oculus Rift supported.

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Tired of tyres, Todd?

Yes, I could tell it's not rF2; the boats don't flutter around in the air like polystyrene toy aeroplanes when they get airborne. Maybe you can give ISI some pointers on that. ;)

Btw, if anyone wants to know anything about tyres, then now's your chance. Grab him someone!
Ha! Thanks! :D

I'm not tired of tyres or tires, I just took a detour to try something else after leaving the VRC Pro project a year and a half or two ago. I'm on my own now, this is a solo project. I've switched to using someone else's engine (Unity) and C# now so did something a little simpler and quicker for the first project. Partly because I've always wanted to play with a simulator like this and couldn't find one, and partly as a learning exercise. Boats are a lot easier to do than cars, and I don't need much in the way of 3D modelling skills for this. I'll probably get back into cars eventually but am trying to make this work in the meantime to generate some income to enable me to keep doing this type of thing.

Anyone wanting to talk tires instead here is more than welcome. I always enjoy a good vehicle/tire dynamics discussion. :)
Yes, there was a hydroplane mod awhile back. Never tried it myself, but it looked pretty cool.