NASDAQ Grants Motorsport Games Extension To Regain Compliance


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Posting this item late due to sickness. Apologies for the gap in coverage (whole of February, 2024). As I reported back in November, Motorsport Games may lose their NASDAQ listing if they can’t regain a minimum $2.5M stockholder equity. As I predicted back then, Motorsport Games were able to deliver a plan and a recent SEC filing from the company confirms their deadline was extended until June once NASDAQ regulators accepted that plan. Even if they do not regain a $2.5M stockholder equity by June the company may still not be de-listed as this decision comes down to the Listing

Motorsport seemed to be doing a good job at the beginning, but then it got worse, it lost licenses that would have been more profitable and today it seems to be throwing everything away in favor of the last license it has left, I am very sad about what is happening with rFactor 2 .