PTC Mod for F1 Challenge

Joseph P

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After a residential move and going through old stuff, I found that I still have a computer w XP that works just fine. I reinstalled F1C without any trouble and fished out of the web the tremendous PTC mod of Team Virtua. Works just fine.

Anyone know where to get some add on tracks and or cars for the PTC mod? Any links I've found on the web are dead. Thanks in advance.
Thanks a mil, Tim!

The second link activated my hypersensitive virus blocker at work. The first link was just fine. Any other tips are greatly appreciated because having zipped around in the PTC cars, I think this mod is terrific. Forgot how much I liked it.

On a side note, as a GLP-er from SMRZ, thanks for your kindness to us.

Hope this place regains its glory!
Hi Tim:

Quick follow up if it is not too much trouble. There is a ton of stuff in these files. Should extract all of them to my PTC folder which sits within my F1C folder.

Sorry to be a pest. Thanks for any guidance.
I honestly can't remember the process, but I think you just drop the track folders into locations and cars into vehicles of F1C itself like rFactor. I don't know if there was any car or track limit to worry about, but I don't remember there being one. Does PTC have any readme entry about adding content?

I really hope something is figured out with SRMZ. I did buy this forum software and hope the GPL community might come back, but I think they're going to stay at the GPLAlt forum instead.
HI Tim:

I've dug through the PTC readme. It just covers the usual re install etc. Nothing about add on content. Little concerned because my PTC works perfect but lacks it own season data folder. Perhaps PTC just shares the F1C season data folder. I did manage to find an add on car from emac and unpacked it into PTC vehicle folder but it doesnt show up in the game so I am not sure a drop and drag into folders will work. Been so long that I cant recall the logic of F1C file structure. Worst case is if I blow up PTC, delete and reinstall so not a biggie. If you're ok with it, I'll document how it goes here so some bread crumbs are laid out in case someone else decides to give PTC a shot; it really is awesome and a lot fun.

I'll see what lobbying I can do about GPL; as you know, a brilliant, hardcore, and somewhat insular gang. Shoot me a PM if you like; I can give you a call about how to proceed. I am very happy RSC is back up; really missed it over the years. All we need now is Tim MacArthur back. :)
This is very interesting. Opened the files from the link with winrar in sequence. Helped that #1 asked for #2 etc. Aimed #1 to the F1C exe - like I did the PTC. File #1 created a folder on my desk top called Prototype Virtual by LM and the following 7 went there automatically. Inside the folder, the was an F1C icon. Double clicked that and presto chango....Prototype Virtual LM began to run. Unlike PTC, Prototype Virtual LM does not require the F1C disk in the hard drive.
Holy smokes is Prototype Virtual LM file huge!. More seasons, tracks, cars etc than can ever been run in a lifetime.

Thanks again for the guidance, Tim. Dont know how you knew about it - I scoured the internet just for a car or two and found only one addon car - or who put it together - I hope Team Virtua - but I am blown away.
I don't really want to pressure SRMZ though I, of course, think they'd be welcome and safe here. The whole basis of the RSC site now is a homage to the past and an attempt to expose new people to it. :)

haha, no worries, I really try to keep track of what sites are still active or not, and I have downloaded a LOT of Web sites and mods in the past few years before they went away. So it was easy to know where to look... VirtualR died just the other day, but I literally downloaded every file from that Web site last year so... At least someone has it. I am trying to contact Rob to see if I could bring his site back though... I'd love to either just keep it online or import it to RSC.
Perhaps this will lay bread crumbs for others and I can get my confused brain straight.

So I had installed F1C with zero issues. I then installed the All in One and its small patch from here. Everything worked fine but I had only a few seasons - at work so I cant recall the precise years - the cars associated with the seasons.

Being greedy, I asked if anyone here knew of any add on cars and tracks and Tim directed me to the huge files above in this thread. I added that but it left me with a prototype icon (start button) from the All in One and its small patch and after adding the huge files mentioned by Tim, I had a folder on my desk top labelled Team Virtua LM. So far so good even though this seemed redundant because the huge files referenced by Tim had more cars, seasons, and sounds than the All in One/small patch and seems to include the few seasons and cars from the All in One/small patch.

So my confusion comes from which do I want? F1C is old and PTC is likewise old but PTC is absolutely brilliant and tons of fun to run. If you have F1C or can get it, I highly recommend PTC. Thanks!