Saber, Milestone And Plaion Parent, Embracer, Reduces Debt To $1.4 Billion


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Embracer, the parent company of Milestone, Plaion and Saber, has announced that the ongoing restructuring and layoffs totaling 904 people has reduced their debt to $1.4 billion. They have improved 31% in a year, with a 13% rise in net sales, too. The company has reviewed upcoming games, projects under Plaion and Saber affected, and while nothing is mentioned of Milestone I think anyone reporting news will have noticed a significant reduction in product support and marketing. A clear example would be the re-born Superbike franchise that was announced, released, barely patched and abandoned back in 2022. The company warned

That's such an extraordinary amount of money... Just insane. Feel so sorry for all the studios who got shut down. The only people who got any benefit out of those deals will be the owners. Rich folks getting richer off the backs of the ordinary worker.
Good Lord. They apparently got into this predicament by a 2 billion dollar deal with (notably Saudi-funded) Savvy Games Group falling through. Wonder what the idea was there.