News Site Growth: RSC Broke 2022’s Views Record With Months To Spare, Over 1M Views Since Relaunch


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As the public stats page will show, RSC has had its best year already, with months to spare. Just today saw a Yahoo! Finance article linking here for a reference to a post about NVIDIA from 1995, but a significant boost in stats obviously came from the recent Rennsport coverage (they’ve now removed the term “built from scratch” from their Web site, by the way, though their publisher’s Web site still says it). RSC was relaunched in July, 2019 and has seen healthy growth in views since despite not having an active forum to bump these figures through constant replies […]

Congrats on viewer numbers increase! I'm one of those new guys who just recently discovered your site, enjoy it greatly. Allways looking forward for new articles, your site became my go to site for sim racing/racing game related news. Cheers from Hungary!