Turn10 Accused Of Misleading Marketing, Showcasing Forza Motorsport Graphic Options Not Available To Users – Again


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Turn10 hasn’t been having a fun time; Whether it’s being called out by commentators during a prestigious event like the Daytona 24 for the wall they had across the real pit exit, the negative feedback about visuals most likely caused by a constant turnover within their art teams, the critical reviews on Steam, all the bugs they had to fix and apologize for, or the fact the pre-release marketing material did not match the product they actually released. That last issue was a big one. Developers haven’t yet learned that doing what Ubisoft did with Watch Dogs more than 10

That's true, I'm still waiting for the day when my Forza will look just as good as Forza on Twitter...
Yep. It's really easy to just let stuff like this go, but then it's also really easy for them to just not be misleading, too.