What about an active front wing for F1 2017


I have been pondering the new aerodynamic rule changes expected for the 2017 season, and for the most part I feel the new rules will not solve the problems experienced by the current solution.

I think everyone understands the issue with F1 areo, the leading car carries a massive down-force advantage that cannot be overcome (normally) by a following car. The advantage is so great that a faster following car is neutralized and cannot attack.

What if the front wing design was changed to a single plane that was computer controlled to maintain a set level of down-force. Perhaps the wing DF could be programmed based on a lap in clean air. Then during the race this DF level could be maintained regardless of your proximity to another car.

Would this be a practical idea or is it more DRS quackery... what do you think?
u cant compensate a loss of downforce cause by turbulence air by just increasing the angle of the wing. Its not as simple as that. Turbulence air is less efficient to "direct" its less possible to control.. therefor in order to compensate enough of downforce for such complicated design to be worth it, you would have to really increase your cars drag dramastically.. plus it could totally screw up the balance of the car. Not to mention that there isnt many things on the car that are "automatically controlled by a computer" and front wing is one of the most major areas of the whole car.

I am still hoping that they will opt out of increasing downforce for 2017 and improve mechanical grip instead.. The dirty air is already way too bad as it is, and its only gonna be worse