Codemasters, F1 And WRC Franchise Developers, Suffer Layoffs Under EA Ownership


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Although not yet announced in any financial documents it appears that IGN were notified they would be happening, contacted EA, and a letter was returned confirming layoffs at Codemasters, developers of the licensed F1 and WRC franchises. “Our business is constantly changing as we strive to deliver amazing games and services that keep our players engaged, connected, and inspired,” an EA spokesperson said. “At times, this requires the company to make small-scale organizational changes that align our teams and resources to meet evolving business needs and priorities. We continue to work closely with those affected by these changes, providing appropriate

Having been through a few mergers and worked in IT for some time (far too long)...

I wonder if there was an employment guarantee till the release of WRC etc, it would make sense if there was something in place to retain staff until the end of the project.

And I don't know the employment contracts in play of course, but if I were hiring for a large project like this I'd be looking to fixed-term engagements as long-term team size wouldn't be the same as in-project. This could be sensationalised by the press as layoffs.

Certainly not defending or condoning EAs actions - another very good model is to have a strong core and some contingent workers for iterations requiring that extra resource. That plays to future full-version releases (as opposed to tweaks and content on a delivered framework).

Time will tell if they've done the dirty (as suspected) and that'll show in the future versions, patches and DLC quality.

And I certainly don't wish this sort of uncertainty and chaos on what no doubt have been some very tight and productive teams.