Formula Circus, Unreal Based Grand Prix Sim With Great Game Design, Begins More Focused Development


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A few months back the prolific modder of the Codemasters F1 franchise, Gecki, announced that after the release of their 1998-2007 career mod for F1 2020 they would be moving on to develop their own game using Unreal. Yesterday, that mod release happened, and was quickly followed by a tweet confirming Formula Circus. Formula Circus will be a standalone game (not a mod) using the Unreal Engine, allowing players to compete across multiple seasons of Grand Prix racing with an intricately planned off track environment simulating the politics of the paddock just as deeply as the on track racing. There

This is such a great idea for a game. Really hope it works out for them.
Yeah, it is. It's a shame nobody has really done it since 99-02. Even more annoying that EA are pulling F1 games after two years and all those cars and stories and just... gone.