Discussion How IndyCar Licensing Has Been Broken Since 1994

What's truly sad is how much none of this benefits anyone.

Simracers suffer for no decent Indycar simulations for decades and Indycar suffers for a lack of exposure and audience for decades.
Yeah, licensing simply hasn't advanced when products shifted from boxed/finished to digital/ongoing development in any other way than to add term limits. After 3-5 years a 3-5 year old car is a lesser draw so the fact they have to drop/remove them rather than everyone just moving on just drives me absolutely insane. It's anti-consumer. If a developer wants to keep you coming back they'll license the newer version of a car anyway, they shouldn't have to drop the older one to be able to afford it.

IndyCar games have just been a mess. That's why it's still pretty refreshing to play the originals. Indy 500 is just still so good.
Good article. Part of the issue I think is that the sanctioning bodies treat the sim racing add-ons as a money making venture rather than as a marketing tool. If you treat it as advertising, your actions are quite a bit different: how to expand my market? how to target a particular demographic? how do I achieve long term growth?
God that's so true.

I'm British, grew up watching F1 only. I didn't even know NASCAR existed before I bought NASCAR Racing. When Mansell went from F1 to IndyCar I started watching it and eventually bought IndyCar Racing, that made me more of a fan because I understood the challenge by this point of "turning left". It's SO IMPORTANT in building a fanbase.
In any logical world, the series and car OEMs should be paying sim developers to feature their cars in sims. But sadly the old guard still rules and video games are not taken very seriously.

It's not like the billboard makers have to pay BMW to put up their ads.