IndyCar Racing II: The Rendition Experience

One final vQuake vid (1.08 beta), everything's hunk dory:

Will post another vid once I get AA particles and the Raven-05 underwater res hacks going.
!!!RReady DOS/Speedy3D Alpha (July 2, 2024) (Alpha)
Build with vQuake support (all DOS games confirmed to work correctly. RRedline (Windows) games untested):
MD5: 3cb2ab212425b119c061b242ded26b93

- vQuake AA doesn't work properly
- vQuake Setting video modes not currently supported (the game will default to 768x576).
- vQuake 1.08 is the only version without rendering defects. Earlier betas might don't render correctly.
- Dosbox-Rendition/RReady expects the game name to be cwsdpmi.exe (which is the process which vQuake.exe launches to actually run the game).
- Everything else is as before. Edge AA might not be working in Speedy3D games (CR and vQuake). This might account for the strange lines on the wheels of the high res custom car models in ICR2.
MD5: 5b4d20106addb147345dbe30fff99451
- vQuake gpu filtering+chroma keying. Should smoothen pixel edges of grenade and rocket explosions and underwater air bubbles.

vQuake: GPU filtering+chroma Keying + Underwate White Magic Raven hack(@768x576):

Patched vQuake (with White Magic Raven underwater resolution hack) available here, in case someone wants it:
MD5: b2c4290e4594c0e46778a37a23abb646
vQuake resolution change (mixed up mode numbers):

Rest assured I'll be looking to fix the ICR2 custom track problems soon.