iRacing Release Circuit Zandvoort 2023 Rescan Trailer


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iRacing have released another trailer for the build they already released last month, this time detailing the changes in the 2023 rescan of Circuit Zandvoort. This rescan brings the track up-to-date with the track changes from 2021. View this video on YouTube:
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Difficult to be sure, but it's a shame. It maybe doesn't undermine sales too much with something like this, but it's weird that they didn't even have a trailer for the 2022 Mercedes when it released. By the time they put out a trailer it's sort of too late...
I assume it is more for the benefit of people that might not be paying as close attention as iRacing regulars.

And given how much new content was released in the September build, releasing a ton of videos all at once would not make sense.