Kalisto’s Unreleased FIA GT World Championship Title

I was speaking to the ex-Kalisto developers, as was trying to source a copy of Ultim@te Race Rally. They sent me a demo of the GT racing game though. I should make a video of it someday! Or share it! They joked they'd be ready to start up on it again if I could help with funding :D

I also got hold of a copy of the unreleased PC version of 4 Wheel Thunder, see my video:

Cool! Do you know what is happening with Ultimate Race vs. Ultimate Race Pro? I have a copy of UR from 1996, but it's not listed ANYWHERE that I can find. I scanned the box cover and use it here:

I need to get a copy of URP and see if there'a any actual differences or whether they just renamed UR to URP lol
Oh! Your video covers that. Was it really only released with the cards? I have a box and I really wouldn't have expected that to work in video card boxes...
Yeah, so it debuted as Ultim@te Race 1 track with PCX1 PowerVR cards (no texture filtering, one long 8km track only).

For the PCX2 PowerVR cards (with texture filtering) they released a 3-track version (there are also some variants like a Gateway one with PC cow branded car!) - I had this with my Videologic Apocalypse 3DX back in the day (as well as WipEout 2097 that got me into futuristic racing games!).

Ultim@te Race Pro is the full Microprose commercially released version, which adds another environment, plus an open world battle multiplayer area and a test oval-like track. Plus car damage and some other tweaks.

Ultima@te Race Rally was to be a sequel, but my video explains what happened.

p.s. my channel covers Every PC F1 Game, Every PC Rally Game, PC Futuristic Racers and Sega Arcade vs PC ports. With a lot more planned, if I live twice as long 🙃

p.p.s. I have a PCX2 Matrox M3D PowerVR card, and an Nvidia NV1... but they're both intended for future Sega Arcade vs PC ports videos mostly... I also have all the Ultim@te Race versions thanks to help from Vetz on VOGONS (aka RetroCompaqGuy on YouTube)