Liquid Molly Bathurst 12hr 2016

0530, thats a sleep in for me. I get up at 4am for work :(

there is a stream link for Australian viewers on Moly 12hr site :)
6:45pm Race Start for me, girlfriend will NOT be impressed especially as I watched the Daytona 24 last weekend :D
"Liquid Molly"... You're ecstatic, aren't you? :p, lopl and all that...
The GIZ !! 2.01.5 .nice pole!!

shaping up to be a ripper race tomorrow..

Dream of mine is to organize a big lan for charity on top of the mountain all weekend.

Back in F1 Challenge V8 beta days we had interest from V8, Drivers, Bathurst Council and Hospital.
Maybe hard to believe but I had guys adamant they were going to come from overseas.

The 12 Hour is a much better venue then the 1000km , heaps more room up top.

Imagine a 30 driver setup, professionally done with walk through access for people that donate to charity. p
Donate a little more they could have a drive at certain times but mainly it be for the simmers.

Our idea was " Lan 4 Kids " and have sick children from Bathurst Hospital attend , meet a few drivers and do a some laps in cars and skins made just for them. Guys out back were going to print out screenshots for them.

Something like that you could do at any big race meeting and raise money for a good cause.