Make your Thrustmaster pedals stand alone usb device


I don't have got anything to do with Thrustmaster so this isn't a advertisement or meant to be like that.
But i'm in the process of building a Direct drive Servo wheel and needed stand alone usb pedals. i found this which made me happy

Works with standard t500 pedals (the ones i have) also, so i ordered the adapter and got it today.
Even if you stick to your Thrustmaster wheel i'd advice to get the adapter because of the higher resolution your pedals get, i wouldn't believe it at first but now i have to say breaking and going on throttle is way more easy now which saves tires ;)

Bodnar has sort of got the same adapter for g25/27 pedals.

i just wanted to let you guys know.
Looks good, anyone know how to buy it outside of the UK? That link above there doesn't appear to be any international shipping. AND all of the listed Australian outlets come up blank for the product - some even give a 404 error (pages don't even exist). So frustrating.
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bout time, I converted (solder\plug\hot glue) my t3pa pedals to the g25 pedal plug, so I could use the leo bodnar cable I had to convert to usb, works a charm.