Motorsport Games Renews Non-exclusive BTCC Licensing For rFactor 2 BTCC Car Content


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Earlier this month Motorsport Games entered into a settlement agreement with TOCA that resolved the old payment disputes from the previously cancelled licensing agreement. They paid $225,000 to resolve that, and also created a new non-exclusive licensing agreement for the rFactor 2 BTCC content that expires December 31, 2026. You can see the text of the fully quoted press release and also SEC filing information below. This agreement doesn’t appear to relate in any way to the cancelled BTCC game and only, in my opinion, answers the open question I had back in November about the BTCC content in rFactor

It has been really interesting to see a lot of the speculative news sites saying this means the BTCC game is still a thing. Your right, this doesn't apply to that at all. I do like "non exclusive"!