V8 Supercars

Any other LOVERS out there? Got addicted to these brutes in 2005 and not missed a race since, watched as much of the Bathurst 1000 Live as I could every eyar before my eyes failed me (starts about midnight our time).
Kelly Racing fan as I love JD but not too sure about their switch next season, Holden man you see even though I like Fords as well :p
I still like them but I lost quite a bit of interest a couple years ago when they lost the live rear-axle (helped by a watts link, but still) and went to independent rear axle. You can totally tell in how the cars drive and behave, the way the slides occur, the corrections, everything. Totally looks so much neater now, less lively, less movement,...frankly, just much more boring to watch. The racing is still close, but I love being able to see the cars "working" and being lively.

Watts link or NOT racing don't get any better then that !

If that is boring, well then ..............every other RACE SERIES in the world must be crap. !@!

yeah sorry can't agree with you there at all Spinelli. They have always and remain to be a brilliantly exciting series to watch when the cars are on the very edge. Having seen it first hand this year only strengthened my belief in that!
That video reminds me of the best Nascar race I've seen in many years. Road course Marcos Ambrose and I believe keselowski battle for several laps to the finish line. Coincidence!? Nascar would do themselves a favor by adding more road-course racing here in the States!
The best touring cars world wide. I would say 1 of the closest racing going around just look at there qualiy times. The Aussie race cars now there's truly some great racing from these lil cars best support cars to the V8'S.
In RF2 i still believe there 1 hard car to learn to drive. They were in RF1 as well.

V8Supercars test is on MotorsTV (447 on Sky) live from 10pm tomorrow night
What actually is the supertest??? Is it just as F1 a normal open test, or is it more then that??? I would have normally expected it to be a normal test, but since it is shown on MotorsTV live from beginning to end, I started wondering if it is something special?!?
It is just a test with a shootout last thing, all a load of boring really! Quite why it's being shown live with 7 hours coverage is beyond me. I'll be watching the Bathurst 12hr and occasionally flicking over to the test.
Super Test is designed to stop regular V8 Supercar Drivers from competing in the Bathurst 12 Hr Race. Ahhh call me a cynic lol.

I do find it strange that the teams are only given 1 set of new tyres for the "test" though, go figure.

I'm guessing the vast majority of the V8 drivers would rather be pounding around Bathurst for the weekend in a nice GT3 car than wobbling around Eastern Creek on last years old worn rubber.
Thank you so much for posting those videos, Durge. Takes about a month to see those on cable, here in BC. F1 race was boring. Poor McLaren.
That will be the death of rolling starts.

90% of them were good it is just the ratbags stuff them

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All it takes is 1 to go early, the rest behind go when he goes because all they can see is the wing in front of them. This holding station until the leader goes is a crock of ****e. Make it go on green and there won't be a problem. Stupid V8Supercars trying to be clever.
yeah rolling starts are a load of cack in V8S, really don't know why they brought them back for this. As for Ambrose quitting.....moron!
I'm off to Perth next week for the Barbagallo Round, need my V8 fix whilst I'm here :)
Booked myself on a V8Supercars driving experience at Queensland Raceway next month, 9 hot laps, can't wait :)
Ooh good point hadn't thought of that, if they don't supply one I'll have to get one somehow.

Edit: Yes they do for an extra 45 bucks...thieving gits...worth it though :p

Gaffer tape a ipad to your helmut'

Thought I'd share. Adelaide 94. Ford...Holden battle and this is what v8 racing is all about.

If any one can find better quality please share

Hidden Valley tickets purchased, probably the last time I'll see V8Supercars in this era :(
What a BRILLIANT racetrack, even more amazing in the flesh than in game. Cracking days racing and was there to witness Lowndes 100 which means so much....Awesome!
Can't wait for tomorrow!
Unfortunately not the full Queensland Raceway Circuit (Club) and no Telemetry on the video after I was told there would be, but here's a lap and a half of todays extremely amazing experience, definitely doing this again when I get back to the UK!

Gearing up for the Big One this Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, this time last year I was just about arriving in Sydney en route to the Mountain...can't believe thats gone so quickly :(

Anyway for those with Sky Sports it's live on MotorsUK with the Top Ten preceding the main event, and/or for anyone else outside Aus/NZ go to the following link, sign up and watch it for free (Full qually, top ten and race), plus you can watch back through all the action from every Event so far this year: