NASCAR Why do you think NASCAR has lost fans?

Tim Wheatley

Staff member
I'll freely admit - I'm one of them.

I was, for years, a HUGE NASCAR fan. I never missed a race, I would try to work my weekend around it... These days? I literally don't watch any races and basically just see what's happening from reactions of others on Twitter. It's sad, honestly.

What do I feel made me lose interest? Most of all, I think it changed too much. I don't mind some change, but 'the chase' was a big one that irritated me quite a bit. I always liked the fact that in motorsport the champion was generally the person who put in the best season long performance. They basically made it won or lose in one race and while that might be exciting (to some), it took away from the championship as a whole. It all just seemed pointless. Once that snowball started rolling and they piled on with other changes, it just continued to push me away more and more...

Has ANY series done this to you, if not NASCAR? What was your favorite era if not now?
I lost touch with NASCAR really when it became dedicated PPV in this country and paying extra just to watch it was not something I was prepared to entertain, especially as I have plenty of other series I insist on following.

I think the fan decline is in part due to the general trend we're seeing in all "meat sports" these days which seems to be attributable to a reduction in interest from younger people as well as an increase in pay per view television.

The sport itself hasn't been helped much by increased reliance on aero, I watched some older races recently and the cars moved around a lot more and generally looked more entertaining to watch. Nowadays it all appears a bit of a cruise at some tracks with no real intrigue other than how the tyres will wear... Not dissimilar to some other motorsports!

I had trouble finding F1 that interesting maybe 2003-09 as well, but not because of the championship format as with NASCAR, it was the cars. NASCAR has issues for me with both the championship format and the cars, sadly.