Motorsport Vids

Another lucky escape.
Only a broken collarbone for the driver, and somehow no spectators were injured in the pedestrian walkway tunnel the car landed in(!).


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What a crazy race that was, I really enjoyed it a lot.

Hey Hex.

I know Sebring is bumpy but my I have never seen cars rattling away like they are in that clip. ...... I would love to feel what I see there. ;)

I know people bag me, they think I diss VLM when I say, if serious they need to redo the meshes from scratch.

Did you see the bit they ran driver comments on the Sebring bumps. lol

Are the endurance cars getting tighter sprung each year or something H ?
The faster cars almost looked like they were going to "take off" on the main straight.

In slo mo it looked like Motocross whoops. lool
Crap that was so close.

If the pickup driver had braked :eek: .......... lool

Same guy?

Maybe but different meeting ?

Cant see the sticker on the hood scoop.

Actually the scoop, on Fellow's camaro seems to have steeper sides to me, maybe illusion.

Also Camaro has the cut and rolled bit on the top edge of the scoop, other one does not have it.
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Mardenborough will race a GT-R in the GT300 class.
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Just thought i would share this great shot where you can nicely see how the front and rear camber works.

As he goes over the anticut his front is basically spot on flat with the road, but the rear doesnt quite have enought of camber and as a result the rear looses contact patch therefore grip.
(ye i know that you dont want your tire to be absolutelly flat with the road due to tyre roll but its such a good shot :) )