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The endless debate between political correctness and having valid points otherwise, neither side is the least interested what the other side has to say.

hence the endlessnessness :p

Social Justice Warriors, the new basementdwellers ehe!

oh man
But that site hasnt updated since yesterdays race where he damaged Massas car :-D
It wasn't supposed to ;) according to his definition of a crash (as listed on that site itself) it didn't meet the criteria (as for with the clash with Button the week before that)
what else to be expected from barcelona. I can't remember a single good race taking place there. And then to read that their contract is extended for at least a few years, while races in germany (hockenheim/nurburgring), monza, spa are struggling, just makes me sad :(
Circuit de Barcelona isn't suited for anything else than F1 testing and racing in the smaller categories.
It's been proven year after year after year... It's absolutely insane that the track is kept on the calendar, it's simply not suited for F1 racing.
No matter which generation of F1 car, the track doesn't bring exciting racing, ever. Never has, never will.

Pirelli's cautious tire choice didn't help matter either.

Also, F1 shouldn't race on tracks they test on too.
They have way too much data, takes the surprise element out of the racing.
The teams are simply too good. :D

Only positive was that none of the mechanics were seriously injured in the two (!) pit lane incidents.
Especially the Alonso brake failure could have turned out much worse if the front jack man hadn't been on his toes. Scary stuff.

Oh, and I'm glad to see Rosberg back in the game again.
I was getting worried that he had lost his spark this year.
I want Lewis to win, but I certainly don't want to see him dominate and run off into the distance all by himself. :D

My bet is on Nico grabbing the victory in Monaco again this year.
I'm hoping that race will bring some excitement and controversy (like it almost always does :cool:)
And Williams coming 3rd with $83 million.
This is from an age old system which distributes 65% of the revenues from hosting fees, media rights and trackside sponsorship and hospitality.
50% of the underlying revenues are paid to final positions in the championship, 35% to F1 shareholders and 15% is split between Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren and Williams. (to reward them for their long-term participation)

Which means Force India received $38 Million less then McLaren despite finishing just one place behind them.
(taken from Associated Press)

But hey, at least F1 will become over 9.000 more exiting because they are refuelling in 2017 again, as well as much faster laps (5 to 6 seconds), more 'aggressive looking cars' and louder engines.

Can't wait for the more aggressive looking cars hehe!
I want to punch and break things at the moment. Probably just as frustrated as lewis.. What the hell
please remove spoiler (if it is referring to today's Monaco race)

thankfully I stopped reading after first few words
Thank you Mercedes strategy department, that made it a little more look like a F1-race, at least at the end!

What do strategy-team-member get paid?
I'm sure i am able to make similar decisions. :D:D:D
Adrian, expect spoilers in a 2015 championship thread, best not open at all if you yet have to watch it man.

I was pretty frustrated for Verstappen, took him 20laps to get to Perez and then his rear didn't cooperate in the pit, all effort gone.
That crash.....I was kinda hoping something would happen this race as it was not very exiting, but it had to be him :/
Adrian if you expect us not to discuss the most recent events of F1 in topic called 2015 F1 discussion, than i honestly dont know what do you expect in this thread :-D

I have sorta feeling that the Mercedez wanted to grant Nico 3 Monaco wins in a row since the last person who has achieved that was Senna. I trully expect the Mercs to redeem Lewis in upcoming races as soon as there is an opportunity
Silverstone was the first exciting race of this season, shame that with the same dull result, what do u guys think? pity Raikonnen for early call? I feel sorry mainly for Williams, but experieces of Mercs and Vettel again shown
Rain has always been the great exitor, if that's even English. But sadly rain seems to be the only exitor atm :-(

It's still entertaining at points but you really have to stick with it to find it.

Last week was MotoGP in Assen, first time in years I watched Motogp and also the first time in years I was on the edge of my seat again. I might abandon you guys. we had a good run. go on without me [insert dramatic gesture]
Well the rain was something that actually caused the dull result. Williams had a good chance on two podiums, but the rain signed the sentence for them. So i was actually at the end of my seat right at the beginning when both williamses rocketed around the Mercs like if they had additional rocket launch system
It was a great race to watch, but I think it was mainly caused by the Williams having such a great start!!! Otherwise the Merc's would have gapped the field again probably, no matter if it rained or not (as they showed when it excually started to rain ;) ). I really thought Hamilton was going to lose it before the pitstops, Rosberg was closing in unbelievably quick!!! I think however, that even without the rain this race would have ended exciting (as it was before the rain as well). Rosberg was probably going to do a second stop, and still had to take the Williams, which proved real hard for him up to that point :)

@Mikeeecz: I guess! that Raikkonen had to stop anyway, since his first stop was way earlier as well, so he was probably on a two stop. Since he (probably) had to stop anyway because his tyres were finished, they decided to take the gamble for inters, so they wouldn't have had to stop again 1 or 2 laps later. Besides, fresh slicks are very hard to get up to temperature in those conditions, so he would have lost out anyway. (No real facts here, just my analysis of what I think happened ;) )
Well the rain was something that actually caused the dull result. Williams had a good chance on two podiums, but the rain signed the sentence for them. So i was actually at the end of my seat right at the beginning when both williamses rocketed around the Mercs like if they had additional rocket launch system

The result may have been dull, or repetitive, but the build up to it was not. Due to the rain everyone was guessing, not in the last place the viewers!
But you're right, the first part was exiting indeed, them Williamses pulling away, that was something else and made it very enjoyable.

And the Dutch kid hehe, oh man, so much to learn :p
After two good races it was back to a bit of a snoozefest on Sunday.

The big talking point post race has been Seb's tyre blowout which led him to direct a lot of venom towards Pirelli in his post race interviews.

I would have sympathy for him if he'd only done a few laps on those tyres, not nearly 30 on a 1 stop strategy where he was still pushing hard in the final few laps.

I think Pirelli have released a statement saying for Spa 22 laps should be maximum for those option tyres.
I think Pirelli have released a statement saying for Spa 22 laps should be maximum for those option tyres.
He was on primes??? (why don't they just call it hard/soft, much easier :p) anyway, some seasons ago the tyres would lose A LOT of grip first (remember Raikkonen @ China, where he went from well in the points (podium?) to 12th or something in 2 or 3 laps I believe). That would be better then just blowing. However, I do agree that I think that Vettel is very harsh, because they did indeed do a lot of laps on it.....
Some one heard about a fin driver Ferrari was about to sign contract?
I think his name is Raipponen, Jaskkonin or Raikkonen. Not sure.
I'm waiting since the season start to see this driver in action but nothing yet...
Who told about him was an expert in f1 named Genstgrilo, Dentisfricio, Denstjiro... something like that. :)
That was my evil twin brother Dentisfricio indeed, don't listen to him, he has no idea.

Consequently I did enjoy todays GP allot, lots of good stuff happening :)

It took me 5 hours to watch the entire race because i was sleeping on every 30 min.
Nice move from hamilton in the beggining.
But i will miss 2015 season because of the cars. I couldn't pick wich one is the most beautiful

Btw, Alonso did really said on radio: "gp2 engine, gp2 engine"?

Ahaha yes, he did:

So many bad choices on his career. Hope he didn't take another one leaving mclaren next year (some Brasil press was saying he could go for RedBull)
I think Honda will comeback. Don't know if he will still a top f1 driver when this happen
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The Japanese are very conservative with comments when things don't go as planned.
While FA was frustrated...and rightfully so, he should have kept this comment until he was out of the car and behind closed doors...especially since it was at Suzuka.
On a brighter note...Max is turning out to be quite the surprise.
That kid is fearless and very good at 'close in' racing.
While most guys...(even some of the veterans) complain about not being able to follow closely, this guy has been in the slipstream all season long.
He seems to have great car control and a natural ability during slipstream running.
I'll watch him and the nose of the car will be 'dancing' all over the place and yet he doesn't seem to 'root' the tires.
He seems to break away only to maintain cooling flow.
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Yeah he is doing very well so far, much better then I expected although I have not been following him in his previous careers. He sure makes us Dutch pay attention again :)

Alonso, I don't know, he's pretty smart so I think his 'public' comments where exactly that, calculated public comments in the country where it matters.
But then again, who decides to air those comments? race control? FIA? Allot of radio doesn't get aired at all.
I find that disrespectful too but maybe in weekness moment caused by his frustration (that scream- aaaaahh- says a lot)
I never heard much more from Verstapen besides his age factor. In fact, at beginning of this season i shared some thoughts about how could be dangerous such a young driver in a f1. The Grosjean incident in Monaco only raise my suspcious.
Saw some youtube videos today. He is definitely good but im still thinking he is too young for this.
Next week he will turn 18.

Next year, world champion.

In 2 years, Intergalactic Overlord
Hope he doesn't turn into star dust before getting intergalactic overlord status or even world champion
Hope so too, wont be the first time a talent ended up without a team because of [insert the many reasons because money]
Hulkenberg is an end-boss, winning Le Mans whilst competing in F1, way cool.

Its not sure he will be able to continue? or are you referring to his current team?